Integrate with your app

This guide provides an overview of how to integrate our Android SDK into your app.


  • Android Studio
  • A physical Android device (phone or tablet) with Android version 5.0+
  • Valid SDK credentials (SB Client ID, SB Secret, oAuth URL, API Base URL, and Callback URL)
  • Experience building Android Apps

Step 1: Add the Jitpack repository to your build file

  • Go to your Project > settings.gradle
  • Add the below code at the end of repositories:
maven { url ""}

Alt textAlt text

Step 2: Add the RMS SDK to your app

  • Go to your Project > app > build.gradle
  • Add the following dependency:
implementation('com.github.Retail-Merchant-Services:RMS-SB-ANDROID-SDK:[email protected]'){
    transitive = true
  • Click Sync Now.

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Step 3: SDK Initialization

  • Inside the application global class, add the following code:
override fun onCreate() {

            this, RmsConfiguration(
                clientID = "3c65r36dinkd5n8fo4ud4829cn",
                clientSecret = "13dpgtvgfnqsn43drq20tdlvttps5m44luha7hauj6d6djua8j7f",
                callbackUrl = "rmssdk://",
                signOutUrl = "rmssdk://",
                baseUrl = "",
                oAuthUrl = ""


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