Integrate with your app

This guide provides an overview of how to integrate our iOS SDK into your app.


  • Xcode
  • A physical iOS device
  • Valid SDK credentials (SB Client ID, SB Secret, oAuth URL, API Base URL, and Callback URL)
  • Experience building Application using swift

Step 1: Create a new project on Xcode

  • Download the library from our Github repo link.
  • Open the Xcode and select Create a new Xcode project.
  • Select App and click Next.
  • Give a name for this project and click Next.
  • Click Create.
  • Right-click on the new project and select Show in Finder.
  • Open the terminal on your Mac.
  • Enter cd /your project location. For example:
cd /Users/Dekstop/RMSDemo
  • Input the command below and click Enter.
pod init

Alt textAlt text

Step 2: Installing RMSCocoapodsLibrary to your project

  • On the Podfile, insert the code below:
source ''
  • Under the # Pods for RMSDemo (iOS) insert :
pod ‘RMSCocoapodsLibrary’
  • Save and Close the file.
  • Open the terminal and change the directory to your project folder.
  • Enter the following:
pod install
  • On your project folder, open the RMSDemo.xcworkspace.
  • Go to Pods > Pods > RMSCocoapodsLibrary to check if you have successfully installed the library for this project or not.

Alt textAlt text

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